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The PSD eSES Upload Tool, currently in use by 750+ suppliers, is a Microsoft Access database developed to submit Service Entry Sheets via the Ariba Supplier Network to ExxonMobil Procurement.

This tool is for the exclusive use by ExxonMobil suppliers who have received authorization from ExxonMobil PSD to submit Service Entry Sheets electronically.

PSD Consultants are software specialist serving the energy industry and supply-chain with software development services:

  • Microsoft Access development
  • Microsoft C# and .NET development
  • SAP and ABAP development
  • WordPress & WooCommerce Ecommerce Platforms

Your needs in these areas can be immediately solved by calling Richard Lazear at 281-686-1122.

System Requirements

Technical Requirements to use the eSES Tool

To use the eSES Upload Tool, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Windows 10 back to Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 365 back to Office 2010
  • An Internet Connection
  • An account on the Ariba Supplier Network
  • Monitor Resolution of 1280x1024 or better
  • Ability to export invoice data into the correct Excel format

For more answers to commonly asked questions, please take a look at the FAQ below.

eSES Tool Screenshots

Download the eSES Tool

eSES Tool v5 – Main Upload Screen

eSES Tool v5 – Data Entry Screen

eSES Tool Download Request

Download the eSES Tool

Download Instructions:

  1. Review the FAQ below for answers to basic questions
  2. Obtain a Validation Code from ExxonMobil Procurement Support
  3. Validation Code will be in the form: XXX-NNNN
  4. Determine version based on the install computer
  5. Fill out the Request Form and click “Send Request”
  6. A download link will appear below the form
  7. An email will also be sent containing the download link
  8. The download link will expire in 20 minutes
  9. You can make as many Download Request as needed

Please select only ONE item from the list below and complete the form.

eSES Tool v5a
eSES Tool v4c – 32bit
eSES Tool v4c – 64bit
eSES Tool v4c – User Manual


Frequently Asked Questions about the eSES Tool

Where do I get a "Validation Code"
You should contact your support person at ExxonMobil Procurement who can supply you with a Validation Code.
Do I need Microsoft Office installed to use the eSES Tool?
Yes, you need Microsoft Access installed. This typically comes with most versions of MS Office. The eSES Tool works with MS Access 365 backwards to Access 2010.
What version of Microsoft Windows can run the eSES Tool
The eSES Tool works with Microsoft Windows 10 and backwards through Microsoft Windows v7.
Why isn't there a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the eSES Tool v5a?
The current version of the eSES Tool has been designed to work on all versions of MS Windows and MS Office.
Where do I put the "Post-Append Tag" in v5 of the eSES Tool?
Post-Append Tags were used in earlier versions of the eSES Tool when submitting the same invoice more than once to Ariba. With the latest version of eSES Tool, the system will automatically create the correct post-append tag in the background when re-submitting an invoice.

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Since 1991 PSD has successfully delivered unique experts to enterprise information management systems projects.  To the point, our clients have chosen to convert no less than 16 PSD staff members to valued employee status.  Expertise includes design, implementation, training, and support for SAP implementations in the energy and petrochemicals industries.